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Economy in Brief

U.S. Labor Market Conditions Index Remains Negative
by Tom Moeller  July 11, 2016

The Labor Market Conditions Index from the Federal Reserve Board includes 19 indicators of labor market activity, covering the broad categories of unemployment and underemployment. These include jobs, workweeks, wages, vacancies, hiring, layoffs, quits and other surveys of consumers and businesses. Because the trends in the index are slow-moving, Haver presents only the changes in the index. All are measured monthly and have been seasonally adjusted.

During June, the index declined for the sixth straight month. The rate of decline lessened, however, as nonfarm payrolls increased and labor force participation improved. Other labor market indicators continued to suggest a weak jobs market including a higher unemployment rate, minimal growth in average hourly earnings, a depressed average workweek as well as lessened small business intentions to increase employment.

The data are available in Haver's SURVEYS database.

Labor Market Conditions Index (SA) Jun May Apr Jun'15 2015 2014 2013
Monthly Index Change -1.9 -3.6 -3.2 1.6 1.9 5.1 3.9
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