Recent Updates:

  • France: **France Wages and Earnings Rebased to Q2-2017=100**
  • Flash PMIs: Japan, France, Germany, Euro Area, US (Sep)
  • Canada: CPI (Aug), Retail Trade (Jul)
  • Canada Regional: CPI by Province (Aug), Retail Trade by Province (Jul)
  • Norway: International Reserves (Aug), Government Debt (Q2); Finland: Quarterly Sector Accounts, Government Balance (Q2); Denmark: Property Price Indexes (Q2); Iceland: Wage Index (Aug)
  • Turkey: IIP & Intl Reserves (Jul); South Africa: Retail Survey (Q4); Mauritius: PPI (Jun); Lebanon: CPI (Aug)
  • more updates...


Data Link Express

Haver’s data services are provided through the DLX platform; delivering tools for data management, visualization, modeling and publishing. DLX is designed to increase productivity and integrates with Excel, PowerPoint, and major statistical software packages; MatLab, R, Python, SAS, E-views and Stata. DLX component application DLXVG3 offers precision graphics, publishing, analytic tools, and easy navigation for all Haver databases.

  • DLXVG3

    • Chart and compare multiple data series with accompanying data table of values
    • Advanced functions (growth rates, moving averages, aggregation, seasonal adjustment)
    • Analytical tools (cycle charts, scatterplots, trend lines, and recession shading)
    • Complete graph customization (axis scaling, sizing, formatting, styles)
    • Excel and PowerPoint direct export and complete integration (dynamic spreadsheets and presentations update on a click)
  • Excel Spreadsheet Add-ins

    • DLX Add-ins for all versions of Excel provide instant data updates of entire workbooks
    • Use DLXVG3 to locate data series codes from within any file, easily creating new spreadsheets for analysis
    • Edit date ranges, archive data, apply functions
  • Database Compatibility

    • DLX software tools to convert data into many different formats needed for diverse analytical frameworks
    • Haver supports a DLX API permitting clients to leverage and build processes with DLX data
  • Timely Updates

    • Haver offers timely, accurate, and professionally supported data via an update service, meeting the strictest demands of the institutional research community
    • AutoUpdate provides fast and reliable data updates within seconds of source releases
    • Timer service runs continuously on an hourly basis when DLX is running
    • Manual updates offer clients the independence to update data retrievals on any desired schedule
    • All database updates retrieve only the data series that have changed and send only the data points that have been updated; including revisions