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  • US: Regional Payroll Employment (Jun)
  • US: Household Employment for States and Regions (Jun)
  • US: GDP by Industry (Q1)
  • US: GDP by Industry (Q1)
  • Canada: Retail Trade (May), CPI (Jun)
  • Spain: International Trade Summary, Trade in Constant Prices (May), Synthetic Indicators (Jun)
  • Mexico: Employment (Jun), Construction (May)
  • Ireland: Wholesale and Producer Prices (Jun)
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Data Link Express

Data Link Express (DLX) provides the fastest and easiest method of maintaining data in-house on your company's LAN or PC. DLX has many features that can help you to be much more productive with your data management effort. You can choose to maintain complete databases, custom databases or a combination of both.

  • Updating

    • With a click of an icon, DLX will call in to retrieve only the data series that have changed and send only the datapoints that have been updated.
    • You can be assured that your database will have all of the available history and all of the revisions.
    • The Auto-update feature can provide you with updates within seconds after the data are available.
  • DLXVG3

    • Easily view or print the data in table and graph formats.
    • With one keystroke you can calculate growth rates and n-period moving averages, create log scales, recession shading and aggregations.
    • Graphs create two independent scales that can be adjusted.
    • Export graphs into Word 97 and Powerpoint 97 or higher.
    • Print multiple graphs on a page.
  • Spreadsheet Add-ins

    • DLX Add-ins to all versions of Excel provide instant updates of your spreadsheets.
    • Using DLXVG3 to locate variable codes from within your spreadsheet, you can easily create new spreadsheets for analysis.
  • Database Compatibility

    • The DLX software comes with a utility to convert the data to formats used by many different database managers and econometric packages.